Monday, March 25, 2013

Various Automotive Head Lights And Their Qualities

Headlights not only improve the overall appearance of the vehicle, but they also help the driver to see well. With the efforts of engineering science, these lights have evolved in terms of design and functionality over the years. They come in various types, including halogen, incandescent lights, xenon lights, fog lights, and pencil beams.

• The traditional incandescent lights use the bulbs with tungsten filament which can evaporate over time. The life of this bulb depends on the thickness of the filament, whereas the thinner filament emits brighter light.

• The halogen headlights also use tungsten filament like incandescent bulbs, but they are filled with halogen gas which extends their life. It eventually breaks out with the thinning of the filament.

• Xenon bulbs have come out with a bright lighting solution as compared to other types of headlights. These bulbs are xenon gas-filled, using two electrodes being known as high intensity discharge bulbs. These are much expensive and installed in the luxury automobiles.

• Fog lights focus directly on the roadway, keeping the light beam narrow. They enhance the visibility in extreme weather, as snow and rain. These lights are provided with lenses to distribute the light equally in all directions.

• The pencil beams are long-range headlights having a narrow spread being reserved for off-road vehicles. Having increased brightness and mounting nature, the use of these lights is considered illegal in certain states. Led lights having low energy consumption with high life span are true example of the engineers' efforts.

• Laser lights are being installed in vehicles for illuminating the roadway, covering a longer range. The harmful effects of these lights are filtered through the fluorescent material, which also changes the color of the light. Although, laser light is energy-efficient, but the installation of such light requires a huge modification in the car design.

• There are also adaptive headlights, which respond to the vehicle speed, steering through electronic sensors. Having wide range of movement, they can produce light in 360 degrees. These lights can automatically turn on and off depending on the speed of the vehicle. These lights ensure safety of the driver, but can distract other drivers as well.

No matter what type of headlights you want to install, they should have certain qualities. The lenses must be crystal clear to avoid any diffusion of light beams. The beams should be focused and bright providing proper vision and direction. These lights are often provided with plastic covers, offering maximum shatter resistance. The headlights must be purchased from original companies for a better performance.

All the above mentioned types and qualities will help you choose a right product for your vehicle.

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